ISIS Release 25 Assyrian Hostages in Syria
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The 25 Assyrian hostages released by ISIS on December 9.
(AINA) -- ISIS today released 25 Assyrians that it captured on February 23 when it attacked the 35 Assyrian villages on the Khabur river in the Hasaka province. ISIS captured 253 in the initial attack and drove 3,000 Assyrians from their villages. Most have not returned.

All of the hostages are men, two of them boys aged 7 and 9. The hostages are in good health. They arrived in Tel Tamer in the morning.

The names of the released are:

  1. Wanis Aweetar Ishmael (Tel Jazira)
  2. Saeed Immanuel Youkhana (Tel Jazira)
  3. Himsoon Immanuel Youkhana (Tel Jazira)
  4. Sameeh Benjamin Simon (Tel Jazira)
  5. Khalil Benjamin Simon (Tel Jazira)
  6. Amir Wilson Rouel (Tel Jazira)
  7. Edward Kako Kako (Tel Jazira)
  8. Adam Esho Kako (Tel Jazira)
  9. Fawaz Joseph Tammo Qabr Shamiyya
  10. Joseph Yoshiya Lazar (Tel Shamiran)
  11. Alber Talya Talya (Tel Shamiran)
  12. Youkhana Italyoos Ammo (Tel Shamiran)
  13. Samson Michelle Lazar (Tel Shamiran)
  14. Zaya Simon Goriel (Tel Shamiran)
  15. Antwan Pilatos Booza (Tel Shamiran)
  16. Alber Pilatos Booza (Tel Shamiran)
  17. Faris Aramya Yonan (Tel Shamiran)
  18. Joseph Khanisho Youkhana (Tel Jazira)
  19. Zuhair Simon Gorie (Tel Shamiran)l
  20. William Youkhana Malham (Tel Shamiran)
  21. Afram Youkhana Malham (Tel Shamiran)
  22. David Korish Talya (Tel Shamiran)
  23. Joseph Gewargis Isaac (Tel Shamiran)
  24. Danny Zaya Goriel (Tel Shamiran)
  25. Mansoor Ibraz Darmo (Tel Jazira)

ISIS executed three of the hostages on September 23 (AINA 2015-10-08). The number of Assyrians from Khabur still being held is now 130. ISIS is also holding 185 Assyrians it captured in Qaryatain.

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Assyrian Bishop Afram Athneil consoles the two children who were released by ISIS.

ISIS has released Assyrians from Khabur on the following dates:

  • December 9: 25 released
  • November 24: 10 released
  • November 7: 37 released
  • August 11: 22 released
  • June 16: Francois Sawa released
  • May 26: two elderly women released, Ramziyya Rehana (80) from Tel Jazira and Yoniyya Kanoon (70) from Tel Shamiran
  • March 3: Two Assyrians from Tel Shamiram were released, Yatroun Marko and his wife Wardiyya Yonan. Two Assyrians from Tel Goran were released, 6 year-old Mariana Mirza and her father's aunt, Bobo Mirza.
  • March 1: 19 Assyrians Released, all from the village of Tel Goran

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