ISIS Release 37 Assyrian Hostages in Syria
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Assyrian hostages freed by ISIS arrive in Tel Tamar, Syria.
(AINA) -- ISIS today released 37 Assyrians that it captured on February 23 when it attacked the 35 Assyrian villages on the Khabur river in the Hasaka province. ISIS captured 253 in the initial attack and drove 3,000 Assyrians from their villages. Most have not returned.

The 37 Assyrians who were released, 27 women, are all elderly; most were from the villages of Tel Shamiran and Tel Jazira. They arrived safely in the town of Tel Tamar.

ISIS executed three of the hostages on September 23 (AINA 2015-10-08). The number of Assyrians from Khabur still being held is now 165. ISIS is also holding 185 Assyrians it captured in Qaryatain.

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ISIS has released Assyrians from Khabur on the following dates:

  • November 7: 37 released
  • August 11: 22 released
  • June 16: Francois Sawa released
  • May 26: two elderly women released, Ramziyya Rehana (80) from Tel Jazira and Yoniyya Kanoon (70) from Tel Shamiran
  • March 3: Two Assyrians from Tel Shamiram were released, Yatroun Marko and his wife Wardiyya Yonan. Two Assyrians from Tel Goran were released, 6 year-old Mariana Mirza and her father's aunt, Bobo Mirza.
  • March 1: 19 Assyrians Released, all from the village of Tel Goran

Here are the names of the 37 hostages who were released:

NameVillageBirth Year
Anyar Shmoel AbdalQaber Shamiya1942
Maryam Jerjees JosephTel Faytha1940
Abres Abdelahad DarmoTel Jazira1948
Sadeq Aweqam IshmaelTel Jazira1941
Royel Dinkha MirzaTel Jazira1937
Malek Sadeq IshmaelTel Jazira1948
Shidrakh David KhoshabaTel Jazira1942
Nineveh William RoyelTel Jazira1959
Rosweena Elisha ElishaTel Jazira1961
Khanem Elisha ElishaTel Jazira1958
Khosheebo Sarhad GewargisTel Jazira1950
Ludiya Hormiz EshaqTel Jazira1955
Samera Yaow MakoTel Jazira1960
Amal Kako DavidTel Jazira1965
Zabet Solaqa KhiyouTel Jazira1960
Salwa Wilson RoyelTel Jazira1966
Fareeda Esho KakoTel Jazira1960
Enwiya Badal JosephTel Shamiran1941
David Jacob KoriyaTel Shamiran1939
Nimrud Jacob KoriyaTel Shamiran1935
Korish Elija TalyaTel Shamiran1938
Esho Enwiya EshaqTel Shamiran1950
Georget Jacob MalkeyTel Shamiran1952
Surma Enwiya EshaqTel Shamiran1945
Samera Hormiz EshaqTel Shamiran1957
Febronya Lazar SamouTel Shamiran1945
Maqdonya AntraneekTel Shamiran1952
Zomo Sulaiman SawaTel Shamiran1952
Wardiya Joseph ZomayaTel Shamiran1950
Pana Yoshiya LazarTel Shamiran1961
Alice Awetar IshmaelTel Shamiran1954
Teresa Odisho OdishoTel Shamiran1962
Alice Adam AdamTel Shamiran1953
Samera Nikola ShmonyTel Shamiran1952
Maryam Manasha EshoTel Shamiran1962
Youniya Talya TalyaTel Shamiran1960
Lulu Zaya OdishoTel Shamiran1965

Assyrian hostages freed by ISIS on November 7.

Negotiations to release the captives have been ongoing between the Assyrian Church of the East and ISIS, who have demanded $100,000 for each hostage. According to observers, negotiations are ongoing for the release of the remaining hostages.

Assyrian hostages freed by ISIS on the bus to Tel Tamar, Syria.

Some information for this report was obtained from AssyriaTV.

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