Bodies of Three Assyrians Killed Fighting ISIS Recovered
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Assyrians killed in Tel Hurmiz, Syria, while defending their village from ISIS. From left: Elias Darmo Auda (23), George Boulos Isho (47), Fouad Oshana Younan (46).
Hasaka, Syria (AINA) -- The bodies of three Assyrians who died defending their village from ISIS were recovered today in the village of Tel Hurmiz. The three Assyrians, all from Tel Hurmiz, were identified as Fouad Oshana Younan (46), George Boulos Isho (47) and Elias Darmo Auda (23). The bodies were recovered by the Khabour Assyrian Council of Guardians, an Assyrian militia.

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On February 23 ISIS attacked the 35 Assyrian villages on the Khabur river, in the Hasaka province, forcing 3000 Assyrians to flee. ISIS captured 253 Assyrians in the attack. ISIS subsequently released 48 of the hostages and killed 3, leaving 202 still being held.

On August 7 ISIS captured the town of Qaryatain and captured 250 Assyrians. It subsequently released 15 of them.

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