ISIS Release Assyrian Hostage in Syria
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Francois Sawa was released yesterday by ISIS in Syria (screen capture, AssyriaTV).
(AINA) -- ISIS released yesterday one of the 253 Assyrians who were captured in Syria on February 23, when ISIS attacked the 35 Assyrian villages on the Khabur river, near Hasaka.

The released hostage was identified as Francois Sawa, 70, from the village of Tel Shamiram, and was reported to be in good condition.

The release of Mr. Sawa brings the number of Assyrians still being held by ISIS to 227. ISIS released 19 Assyrians on March 1st and 4 more on March 3rd -- all from the village of Tel Goran, and 2 on May 25,

See attacks on Assyrians in Syria for more information.

The situation in Khabour

All the Assyrian villages on the Khabur river have been liberated, but ISIS has left booby traps in homes and fields, causing a delay in people returning to their homes. ISIS also destroyed many churches and vandalized a large number of homes in the villages it briefly controlled.

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