Assyrian Girl, 16, Abducted in Baghdad
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16 year-old Assyrian girl Juliana George was kidnapped in Baghdad 7 days ago.
Baghdad (AINA) -- A 16 year-old Assyrian girl, Juliana George, was abducted from her home in Baghdad 7 days ago. A person knocked on the door of her home and when she answered she was abducted by 4 men and placed into a taxi which sped away. Her grandfather Joseph, who is a priest, chased the taxi on foot and grabbed on to the door, but as the taxi sped away he could not hold on and fell to the side. A man riding a bicycle witnessed the incident and followed the taxi. He recorded the license plate of the car and returned and gave it to Fr. Joseph.

The police were able to find the taxi and its owner, who is in custody but has refused to talk.

In a telephone conversation with AINA, Juliana's father, George, said she called him and asked for ice cream just before she was kidnapped. "I used to tuck her into bed and cover her every night," he said, weeping. "Who is doing that now, who is feeding her? It has been 7 days now and no one seems to care, no one is doing anything."

There is no information on the whereabouts of Juliana and the 3 kidnappers.

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