Rebels Attack Assyrian Quarter in Aleppo, 40 Killed
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Assyrians killed in the rebel attack on the Sulaymaniyah district of Aleppo, Syria.
Aleppo, Syria (AINA) -- Syrian opposition forces launched a sustained attack on Aleppo beginning on Friday evening, April 10, and ending on Saturday afternoon. The attack left massive destruction in the eastern section of the Sulaymaniyah district of Aleppo, which is predominantly Assyrian and Armenian. 20 people, mostly Assyrians, were killed.

Opposition forces also used explosive drums at a popular market in central Maadi district in Aleppo, which is under the control the Brigades of the radical Islamic militants of the armed opposition, killing more than 20 civilians, including women and children. Among those killed was Micheal Abaji, 53, who was the supervisor of the St. Elias Assyrian Catholic Monastery for the elderly in Aleppo.

Yesterday shells targeted the Aziziyah neighborhood near the Ata'a Square, next to the Assyrian Catholic Cathedral, injuring three civilians

The following Assyrians were reported killed in the Sulaymaniyah district attacks:

  • Tony Qaswat and his wife and two daughters (4 persons)
  • Maha Jamil Dyarbakerli
  • Donna Jean Jacob
  • Minerva Micheal Ghazal El Bar
  • Anwar George Simon
  • Michel George Simon
  • Johnny Beshish
  • Juliana Beshish

Some information for this report was obtained from Assyrian Human Rights Watch.

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