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Assad Regime Releases Assyrian Activist After Eight Months of Arbitrary Detention
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An Assyrian activist signs on a wall full of calls of freedom for Assyrian prisoners. The image was taken inside the Assyrian Democratic Organization in Qamishli.
The Syrian authorities released Monday evening the leader of the Assyrian Democratic Organization (ADO), Dr. Samir Ibrahim, who has been in detention since July 5, 2014. Ibrahim was reported arrested by pro-Assad forces at a military checkpoint on the Beirut-Damascus highway. The media office of the organization issued a statement on Monday, saying: "While we renew our condemnation to the arbitrary arrest of Dr. Samir Ibrahim, we express at the same time our satisfaction for this release and we consider it as an incomplete step; the remaining Assyrian and Syriac detainees in the Syrian regime's prisons should have been released as well." "We still have comrade Gabriel Moshe, member of political bureau in the ADO and all prisoners of freedom in Syria," the media office said. Dr. Samir Ibrahim, 59, was born in Qamishli city in northeastern Syria. For years, Ibrahim used to work as a volunteer in a medical center affiliated with the Assyrian Assembly for Assistance and Development in the city of Qamishli. Civil rights activist Omar Haji told ARA News that civilian activists in Syria have suffered the most under the war conditions and suppression from the Syrian regime and militant groups over the past four years. "Any authority aspires to stay and continue in power should support the civil society activists, because they are the guarantee for development and progress at various institutions," he argued. "It is unfortunate to see an aged activist like Ibrahim exposed to arbitrary arrest." "On the occasion of his release, we demand the Assad regime to free all civilian activists from its prisons."

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