ISIS Attacks on Yazidis on Mount Sinjar, 1,000 Families Trapped
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(AINA) -- AINA spoke by telephone to Faisal, a Yazidi who is on Mount Sinjar, who said that there are daily attacks on them by ISIS, who is trying to climb onto the mountain, but the Yazidis are fighting back and stopping them. Faisal said today there was an attack from 5 to 9 AM, which killed 3 Yazidis and wounded 6.

According to Faisal, over 1000 families are still on the mountain and have registered for aid. There is a critical shortage of food. Faisal said he saw 4 Yazidi fighters today eating one loaf of bread with onions.

Faisal said the people cannot leave the mountain. The aid that comes in is dropped in one area but the families are not able to reach it. The men are not willing to leave their families behind to go get the aid. Furthermore, the aid is only about 10% of what is needed for the people.

Faisal said that 6 Yazidis women were able to escape from ISIS in Telafar while there was bombing and fighting in the city. They escaped at 6 PM and walked 17 hours until they reached Mount Sinjar.

Faisal reported that 3 christian families who had been living in the Yazidi areas were captured by ISIS, including an Assyrian man from Sweden who came to take his father away. ISIS brought them to Telafar and forced them to convert.

The Yazidi Solidarity and Fraternity League is calling on the United Nations, international organizations and communities, including the KRG and Iraqi Central Government, to accelerate the urgent need of providing emergency and immediate assistance to the hundreds of families that live in the area of Mount Sinjar and within the areas of the Shrine of Mazar Sharaf al-Din and Eazy.

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