Three Assyrians Kidnapped in Syria
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(AINA) -- Three Assyrian men have been kidnapped in Hasaka, Syria, according to Assyrian Human Rights Watch. The three men were kidnapped in the town of Tel Tamar, in the Khabour region of Hasaka, which is mainly populated by Assyrians. The kidnappers are believed to be affiliated with ISIS.

The three men are:

  • Dr. Samir David Hormuz from the village of Tel Nasri
  • George Barkho Khoshaba from the village of Tel Balua
  • Ninos John Isho from the village of Tel Balua

Assyrian in Syria have been targeted for terror, kidnapping and murder by Jihadists. Here is a partial list:

  • Ninar Odisho was murdered in the city of Al-Thawra (AINA 2013-09-23)
  • Two Bishops were kidnapped (AINA 2013-04-23)
  • Zohair David, an Assyrian from Tel Goran, was kidnapped and killed (AINA 2013-04-03)
  • Nina Jamil Oshana was killed in a bus attack (AINA 2013-01-31)
  • Hundreds of Assyrian families were expelled from Al_Thawra by Islamists (AINA 2013-08-02)
  • The Assyrian Quarter in Aleppo was attacked three times (AINA 2012-11-20)

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