Iraq Voids Real Estate Sales in ISIS Controlled Areas
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(AINA) -- The Iraq Ministry of Justice issued a statement on August 22 declaring that all real estate sales in Mosul and all areas under ISIS control since June 10, the day that ISIS captured the city, are null and void and will not be recognized.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice, Haidar al-Saadi, said in an interview for Alsumaria News that "the Ministry of Justice had previously issued a directive to all real estate departments in areas occupied by ISIS terrorists not to register the transfer of ownership of real estate of the displaced, to protect the rights of those who reside in these areas and minorities." He further stated that "the Justice Minister Hassan al-Shammari has directed all real estate departments to close real estate records and not to transfer ownership of real estate in areas that fall under the control of terrorist groups."

According to Mr. al-Saadi, the ministry issued the decree to insure the city's population, in particular the Christians, Yezidis and the Sabians, has its real estate protected against coerced transactions.

Ms. Pascale Warda, President of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization and former Minister of Immigration and Migration, confirmed that some Iraqis are exploiting the current conditions of the Christians and buying their properties below market value. In an interview with Nergal News Netwrok, she said that "such despicable trends indicate that, one way or another, the perpetrators are carrying out the objectives of the terrorists and insurgents by taking advantage of the emergency circumstances experienced by the Iraqi minorities."

Ms. Warda praised the decision of the Ministry of Justice.

Many Assyrian families were forced to sell their properties in Mosul, Tel Kepe and Baghdede under pressure and duress.

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