Iraqi Parliament Resolution Calls ISIS Acts Genocide
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(AINA) -- The Iraqi Parliament passed a resolution today calling the actions of the Islamic State (ISIS) in north Iraq a genocide. The resolution passed by a majority vote and was tabled by Yazizi MP Vian Dakheel, who delivered an impassioned plea yesterday to stop ISIS from massacring her people in the Sinjar area, which ISIS captured two days ago (AINA 2014-08-06).

The resolution calls the events occurring on North Iraq crimes against humanity and calls on the international community to prosecute ISIS and to hold responsible the states and institutions that support or finance their activities, and establish safe-haven by an international resolution issued by the UN Security Council.

The resolution has eight points:

  1. Designate the actions of ISIS against ethnic and religious minorities as crimes against humanity and demand from the international community to prosecute the perpetrators and hold responsible the states and institutions that support or finance their activities.
  2. Designate as disaster areas the towns of Sinjar, Baghdede (Qaraqosh/Hamdania), Bartella, Bashiqa, Tel Kepe, Alqosh, Sheikhan, Tal Afar, Tuz, Amerli, Bashir and Taza.
  3. Demand the UN and its affiliated humanitarian organizations to work hard for the relief of displaced persons from those areas, according to the UN Charter.
  4. Demand from the Government to promptly allocate sums of money from the emergency budget for the purpose of securing the humanitarian needs of the residents of those areas and to compensate the homeless and displaced people for damages.
  5. Demand action from the government to deliver urgent humanitarian aid to displaced people from those areas by all available means.
  6. Petition Arab and European Parliaments for supporting the Iraqi parliament decision in this regard, and call upon the governments of Arab States and Europe in providing all means of support for displaced people from the affected areas.
  7. Demand that the Media and Communications Commission to oblige all media organizations not to broadcast or publish any activities or statements of ISIS.
  8. Demand the federal government and regional government to clear the areas from the ISIS and return the displaced and homeless people to their areas.

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