Iraqi Minorities Alliance Sends Message to President of UN Mission
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(AINA) -- The Iraqi Minorities Alliance has conveyed to the United Nations Mission to Iraq (UNAMI) a picture of the painful conditions the Yezidis have been subjected to by ISIS in Zumar and Sinjar and other towns. The Iraqi Minorities Alliance presented a letter in this regard to Mr. Nickolay Mladenov, head of the UN mission in a Iraq. The Arabic Letter was obtained by Nergal Network News and is translated here by AINA.

Clarification of the bitter conditions the Iraqi minorities are exposed to, in particular what is now happening against the Yezidis in the Sinjar area and surrounding towns inhabited by them.

It is important for us bring to your attention what is happening there. It has been conclusively confirmed that more than 200,000 Yezidis and other minorities have been displaced from their home areas since yesterday morning, 08/03/2014, and are currently stranded at the foot of Mount Sinjar. They are threatened by insurgents and they may be exposed at any moment to attack by the gunmen. They suffer from very poor living conditions due to lack of water and food and other supplies that would keep them alive.

According to our confirmed information, there has been death, especially among children, women and the elderly. We would like to stress the shamefulness of the international community and organizations concerned with human rights, who have not urgently moved to assist and protect so many people that are exposed to such a horrific and serious violations.

As the Iraqi Minorities Alliance presents these tragic scenes to you, it proposes to provide them with food for relief, delivered by air as there is no other way to reach them in the mountains. It is possible to do so, especially in the middle of the mountain, where it is difficult for the flights to be attacked by gunmen. This can be arranged by informing you as to where the drop off point is by contacting some of the displaced people.

The Iraqi Minorities Alliance also proposes, in the event relief cannot be delivered by air, to accelerate the effort at opening a secure path to save them from the dangers that threaten them day and night, and to execute this in coordination with the military in the Kurdistan region and/or the military of the federal government.

The Iraqi Minorities Alliance is relaying to you this tragic and dangerous picture, and recognizes the importance of acting with the utmost speed and perseverance, otherwise a serious humanitarian disaster will befall the Yezidis and other minorities.

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