July 8 Report on the Situation in North Iraq
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Assyrian refugees in Ankawa.
(AINA) -- The Hammurabi Human Rights Organization has issued its latest report, dated July 8, 2014, on the situation in North Iraq.


  • All construction work has come to a complete stop and construction workers are now unemployed.
  • There is increased demand for black colored clothing and veils and hijabs.
  • Women are not allowed to walk the streets unless accompanied by a male.
  • Nearly all barber shops and womens' salons have closed.

The Nineveh Plain

  • Water and electricity continue to be severely limited. Residents who have dug wells are unable to purify the water for safe drinking.
  • Relief efforts are not adequate. The Christian Solidarity International Commission, International Red Cross, Kana, Caritas and Hammurabi Organization for Human Rights are providing some relief.

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Translated from Arabic by AINA.

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