Assyrian Boy Killed By Sniper in Syria
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Funeral procession for Sheem Hormiz Sheeba.
Hassake, Syria (AINA) -- On May 28 two Assyrian teenagers were shot by a sniper as they were riding their motorcycle, returning from the village of Tel Hurmiz to their village of Um Gahrgan. Sheem Hormiz Sheeba (17) was driving the motorcycle with his friend Sargon (17) sitting behind him. Sheem was shot through the eye. The bullet exited from the rear of his head and entered Sargon's mouth.

Sheem died immediately. Sargon was taken to hospital and is recovering well.

Sheem was the only son of Hormiz Sheeba and was buried in his village on May 31.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack. The area of is under full control of the Kurdish Union Party (YPK) and its militias.

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