Assyrian Leader: Kurds in Syria Must Accept Real Power Sharing
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Ninos Isho, the leader of the Assyrian Democratic Party in Syria.
Al Hassaka, Syria (AINA) -- Ninos Isho, the leader of the Assyrian Democratic Party in Syria, criticized the Kurdish PYD party for trying to impose itself on Assyrians and Arabs in north-east Syria.

"Its not logical to have 30 percent of the population in this area rule over the other 70 percent," he said in a recent interview on Assyria TV, a channel based in Sweden. "Assyrians and Arabs make up the majority in this area and the Kurdish political groups must accept real power-sharing."

Kurdish groups headed by the PKK controlled party known as PYD have declared autonomy in parts of north-east Syria. The move has been touted as an example of real democracy by Kurds and supporters of the Kurds in Syria but the reality on the ground tells another story

"All Assyrian groups and leaders except for the Dawronoye (known in the west as European Syriac Union and in Syria as Syriac Union Party) are against it, as well as all Arab organizations except for a few Arab individuals," said Mr. Isho in the interview.

The bishop of the Syriac Catholic Church and the bishop of the Assyrian Church of the East in Syria have accused the Kurdish groups of trying to Kurdify the area.

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