Swedish Authorities Approve Plan for Assyrian School
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Stockholm (AINA) -- The Swedish Schools Inspectorate, Skolinspektionen, approved plans to establish a new primary school which will teach Assyrian in the municipality of Södertälje. The approval came despite objections from the municipality that the school may have a negative effect on integration.

Södertälje, located 35 kilometers southwest of Stockholm, is home to more than 30,000 Assyrians.

"We're happy to have the go ahead by the authorities. We believe this school will enable students to learn proper Swedish as well as Assyrian, unlike the current situation where students don't get to master neither Swedish or their mother tongue," said Ninos Maraha, representative of the privately owned company behind the project, Aprendere Skolor AB.

The Assyrian Federation of Sweden lauded the decision in an article on its website. The aim is to have the school ready by autumn 2014.

The Swedish school system was deregulated years ago, allowing private companies to compete with state-owned schools as long as they follow the national education plan.

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