Muslim Ambulance Driver Refused to Deliver Body to Assyrian Church
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Arbel, Iraq (AINA) -- A Kurdish ambulance refused to transport the body of an Assyrian woman from the hospital to the church because it's forbidden by Islam. Marivan Naqshbandi, the media director at the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Kurdish Regional Government in north of Iraq, has asked the Ministry of health to open an investigation into the case.

The Assyrian woman died last Sunday at Zarkari hospital in Arbel. Her body was placed in an ambulance to be brought to the Assyrian town of Ankawa. According to Christian tradition the body of a deceased is brought to the church. However, the Kurdish Muslim ambulance driver refused to drive to the church because it's "haram" (forbidden) in Islam.

Mr. Naqshbandi said "The Committee for promoting religious coexistence, which was formed recently in the region, should follow up on this case to insure that civil servants should carry out their duties professionally and impartially and not on the basis of personal religious beliefs.

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