Teachers in Mosul Schedule Exams on Christmas Day
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Mosul, Iraq (AINA) -- Christian students have complained that teachers in some elementary and high schools in the city of Mosul are scheduling exams on December 25 in order to force them to attend school on Christmas day. In interviews with, an Arabic language Assyrian website, students say they are forced to accede to the teacher's demands in scheduling the tests even though the authorities identified the 25th of December as an official holiday for Christians.

Fadi Ibrahim, a Christian student, said "I am a third grade student in Middle School located in the Sukar neighborhood. I was notified that there is a physics exam on Christmas Day. The teacher did not allow me to postpone the test because he is compelled to deliver grades on January 3 to the administration. Since I am the only Christian student in this school, I am forced to miss Mass on Christmas Day and attend school to take the exam."

Mina Faris, who attends elementary school in THE Bakir neighborhood, said "the math teacher told us that we will be tested on Tuesday, which falls on December 25, and I begged her to postpone the exam but my hopes were in vain because the teacher alleged that she did not have any other time to schedule the exam."

Another student, Saad Matti, in elementary school located in the Sadeeq neighborhood, said he will be taking the Arabic language exam on Christmas Day, noting that this is no longer a strange occurrence; the teachers in this school habitually schedule their exams on identify Christian holidays.

The media spokesman for the Nineveh Educational System stated this is only a personal decision by some teachers, noting that there are other teachers who observe and respect the Christian holidays.

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