14 Assyrians Arrested in Syria
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(AINA) -- The European Syriac Union, an Assyrian political party, is reporting that Syrian authorities arrested five members of the Assyrian Freedom Party, three men and two women, on April 4 in the city of Qamishli. Following the arrests, Assyrians organized a demonstration at the police station where the Assyrians are being held. Security forces attacked the demonstrators, seriously injuring four of them, and arrested nine demonstrators.

The two women who were initially arrested were subsequently released.

The demonstrators who were arrested are:

  1. Hanna Lahdo
  2. Afram Bahine
  3. Mirza Hanna
  4. Suphi Malke
  5. Muosa Hanna
  6. Issa Shukri Murad
  7. Gabi Hanna
  8. Philip Juju
  9. Mark Kerim Saliba

Assyrians in Europe have organized protests in Stockholm, Geneva, Brussels and Berlin.

CityStockholm GenèveBrusselsBerlin
AddressVendevagen 90
183 32 Danderyd
La Place des Nations
1202 Genève
Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 3
1050 Ixelles
Rauchstraße 25
10787 Berlin
DateApril 6, 2012April 7, 2012April 10, 2012April 10, 2012

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