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MEP Urges the European Commission to Address the Plight of Assyrians in Iraq
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In a letter to the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Catherine Ashton MEP Emine Bozkurt demands to stop ignoring the plight of Assyrian Christians in Iraq. The European institutions are continuously getting informed about the ongoing discrimination and expulsion of Assyrian Christians in Iraq. However, with its external actions, the European Commission is systematically ignoring the tragic situation of Assyrians and other minorities in Iraq. 'The challenges Assyrians face are being presented by the authorities as challenges which are faced by every Iraqi citizen', states MEP Bozkurt in her letter to the Commission. 'The Assyrians do not get the fora to explain their specific situation; not internally but also not internationally'. MEP Bozkurt urges the Commission to establish contact with the Assyrian political leaders within Iraq, and to include the situation of the Assyrians in Iraq within the EU-Iraq relations. The latest attacks of Kurds on Assyrian businesses, cultural centres and houses in Zakho (Northern Iraq) clearly indicate that bomb attacks, robberies and systematic discrimination are still present and force Assyrians to flee their homeland. They are denied their constitutional rights of establishing their own civil society organisations. They are being oppressed and deprived of their equal rights in a systematic way.

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