Assyrians in Sweden to Launch Assyrian Web TV

Sweden (AINA) -- The Assyrian Federation of Sweden, an umbrella organization representing more that 30 Assyrian organizations, will launch an internet Assyrian TV-channel called Assyria-TV. The channel will feature on demand video, allowing the viewer to customize his program list.

The newly established Assyrian Media Institute, a joint venture between the Federation and its associations, is tasked with the operation and maintenance of the web based channel.

Assyria-TV will be funded by the Federation and its associated organizations. The participating organizations have agreed on an editorial policy outlining the principles and guidelines for the Assyria-TV staff.

"We look forward to Assyria-TV becoming a voice for all Assyrians in the world," said Afram Yakoub, acting chairman of the Assyrian Federation, "and we will put in place mechanisms to guarantee Assyria-TV will be non-partisan, representing all Assyrians."

Assyria-TV is expected to be online before the end of 2011.

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