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Ministers in the New Iraq Government
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Below is the cabinet approved by Parliament. Some of the positions have not been filled, awaiting the political blocks (in parenthesis Coalition/Party) to nominate their candidates: Prime Minister: Nouri al-Maliki (State of Law (SOL)/Daawa) will also be acting ministers of Interior, Defense, and Minister of State for National Security until candidates can be approved. Deputy Prime Ministers: Saleh al-Mutlaq (Iraqiya/Hewar); Hussain al-Shahristani (SOL/Independent) -- with oversight of energy policy -- and acting minister of electricity; Roz Nouri Shawes (Kurdistan Alliance (KA)/Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)), and acting minister of trade. Minister of Foreign Affairs: Hoshyar Zebari (KA/PUK) will also be acting minister of womens' affairs. Minister of Finance: Rafia al-Issawi (Iraqiya/Mustaqbal) Minister of Oil: Abdul Karim al-Luaibi (independent but associated with Daawa) Minister of Higher Education: Ali al-Adeeb (SOL/Daawa) will also be acting minister of state for national dialogue (reconciliation) Minister of Housing and Construction: Mohammed Sahib al-Daraji (Iraqi National Alliance (INA)/Sadrist) Minister of Education: Mohammed Tamim (Iraqiya/Hewar) Minister of Industry and Minerals: Ahmed Nassar Dali al-Karbouli (Iraqiya/Tajdid) Minister of Justice: Hassan Shimari (INA/Fadhila) Minister of Culture: Saadoun al-Dulaimi (Wassat/Constitution Party) Minister of Communication: Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi (Iraqiya/Wifaq) Minister of Science and Technology: Abdul-Karim al-Sammaraie (Iraqiya/Tajdid) Minister of Environment: Sargon Lazon Sliwah (Rafidain/Assyrian Democratic Movement) Minister of Agriculture: Izzuldin al-Doula (Iraqiya/Iraqiyoun) Minister of Displacement and Migration: Dindar Najman (KA/Islamist Coalition), will also be acting Minister of Municipalities and Public Works Minister of Health: Majid Mohammed Amin (KA/PUK) Minister of Human Rights: Mohammed Shiya al-Sudani (SOL/Daawa) Minister of Labor and Social Affairs: Nasar al-Rubaie (INA/Sadrist), will also be acting Minister of Planning Minister of Water Resources: Mohaned al-Sa'adi (INA/Sadrist) Minister of Transportation: Hadi al-Amiri (INA/Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI)) Minister of Youth and Sport: Jassim Mohammed Jaffar (SOL/Daawa) Minister of State for Foreign Affairs: Ali Abdullah al-Sajeri (Wassat/Constitution Party) Minister of State and Government Spokesman: Ali Dabbagh (SOL/Daawa) Minister of State for Parliament Affairs: Safaa al-Din al-Saafi (SOL/Independent) Minister of State for Provincial Affairs: Turhan Abdullah (Iraqiya/Turkman) Minister of Tourism and Antiquities: Liwa Smisim (INA/Sadrist) Ministers of State (without portfolio): Yassin Mohammed Ahmed (INA/ISCI); Abdul-Mehdi Hassan al-Amtari (INA/Sadrist); Hassan Radia al-Sari (INA/Hezbilah); Bushra Hussein Saleh (INA/Fadhila); Diyah al-Asadi (INA/Sadrist); Salah Mazahim al-Jabouri (Iraqiya/Hewar) Additional unnamed positions: Minister of State for Non-Governmental Organizations (KA)

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