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Terrorist Groups Try to Force Christians Out of Mosul: Christian Leader

Erbil -- The Christian and Assyrian minorities will face challenges by postponing the new government cabinet of Iraq, the General Secretary of Democratic Party of Mesopotamia reported on Thursday.

"The Christians and the Assyrians minority are the part of Iraq which are dividing the tensions and problem that are facing to the local people in Iraq," Romeo Hakary said.

"We believe that intimidations and risks are dramatically increasing on the Christian and Assyrian people, especially in Mosul city, due to the poor security situation in Iraq," he noted.

The Christians have become target of the extremist Islamic groups, because their Christian religion; despite fact that they have been living for a very long time in Iraq.

According to the latest terrorist attacks on the Christian minorities in Mosul, Hakary said: "the terrorist groups are forcing the Christians to leave the city as soon as possible."

Thousands of Christians are fleeing away from central and southern Iraq to Kurdistan Region, because of antagonist attacks by terrorist groups in the country.

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