Assyrian Iraqi MP Calls for Change of Troops in Mosul
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Baghdad (AINA) -- In an interview with Voices of Iraq, an Arabic language website, the leader of the Assyrian Democratic Movement and member of Iraq's parliament, Mr. Yonadam Kanna, said on Thursday the troops in Mosul must be replaced. "We call for an exchange of the troops who failed to protect the Christians in their areas with new troops who are able to bring security to these areas," said Mr. Kenna.

The Second Army Unit in Mosul is composed mostly of Kurds. Almost all the attacks against the Assyrians have occurred in the areas under control of the Kurdish troops of the Second Army Unit.

In his statement Kanna also urged the government to show the results of the investigation and disclose who was behind the attacks. The Iraqi parliament is expected to hold a hearing on the killings of Assyrians in Mosul in the coming week.

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