Kurds Responsible for Attacks on Assyrians in Mosul: Arabic Website
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(AINA) -- Middle East Online published an article in Arabic on Thursday exposing the dominant Kurdish parties as responsible for violence against the Assyrian from Mosul, which has seen 14 Assyrians killed and 15,000 displaced (AINA 10-16-2008).

"The Christians know very well armed groups belonging to some of the ruling political parties in Baghdad, are behind the 'veiled' attacks and the threats against them," wrote the bilingual newspaper. "Many, among them a great part of the Christians, are quietly pointing their accusations in the direction of the powerful Kurdish community in Mosul, who dominate the provincial council and constitute the majority of the city's armed forces. Observers say the Kurds want to show that Mosul cannot be controlled without them".

The article went on to evaluate the political struggle facing Mosul: "The coming provincial elections in a few months will weaken Kurdish control of the city as the Arabs will participate for the first time ever since their boycott of the previous elections".

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