One Person Injured in Iraq Church Bombings
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(AINA) -- According to the Baghdadhope blog, seven churches have been bombed in Baghdad. They are:

In Mosul:

  • Chaldean Church of Saint paul
  • Nunnery of Dominican Sisters
  • Orphanage of the Chaldean Sisters

In Baghdad:

  • Rum Orthodox Church (where the guard was injured)
  • Mar Ghorghis chaldean church in Ghadir area
  • Saint Paul Chaldean church in Zafaraniya area where, according to Mgr. Warduni, the carbomb was discovered before its explosion and defused.
  • Chladean sisters nunnery in Zafaraniya

"We thank God," Mgr. Shleimun Warduni, Chaldean bishop of Baghdad, "there has been only one person injured, and it seems not severely."

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