Swedish Universities to Commemorate Murdered Assyrian Researcher
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Örebro, Sweden (AINA) -- The murder of Fuat Deniz, a senior lecturer and researcher at Sweden's Örebro University has prompted action against violence and what is seen as an attack on the open Swedish society. Eight Swedish university towns have prepared for ceremonies to be held simultaneously on Wednesday 19 December at 18.00 Swedish time.

"We want to honour the memory of Fuat Deniz and what he stands for: peace, democracy and dialog", says Afamia Maraha from the newly established committee "Fuat's Friends" who are organizing the events together with the University of Örebro.

The following towns will hold a ceremony: Örebro, Stockholm, Jönköping, Uppsala, Lund, Linköping, Gothenburg and Norrköping. Colleagues and family members of Fuat as well as politicians and writers will deliver speeches on the murder which has shocked many in Sweden.

"Fuat and I met each other through the passion we both shared. I will continue to work for free debate and tolerance", says Runa, the wife of Fuat Deniz.

For more information about the events in Swedish visit


Örebro University
Mikael Carleheden
Tfn 019-303 111, 0732688074

Fuat's Friends
Afamia Maraha
Tfn 08-550 16683, 0704821680

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