Assyrian Association Founded in Finland
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(AINA) -- The Finland Assyria Association (Soumi-Assyria Yhdistys) was founded on 16th October 2007. Its purpose is to defend the national rights of the Assyrian people, also called Chaldeans and Syriacs.

The association will be headed by Dr. Simo Parpola, professor of Assyriology at the University of Helsinki. The vice chairman is Svante Lundgren, senior lecturer at the Academy of Abo I Finland. The board members include Veijo Koivula, secretary of the Christian Democratic members of the Finnish parliament and two Assyrians, Benjamin Hurmiz and Amer Butros Hanna.

Nearly 300 Assyrians live in Finland, most of them in the city of Uleaborg. The Finland Assyria Association will work to inform decision makers, media and the public about the critical situation of the Assyrians in the Middle East. The association hopes the Finnish government will take initiatives within the EU and other forums in order to guarantee the rights of the Assyrians.

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