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Islamic Terrorists Posing As Christians: Abusing Faith, Churches
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Radical Islamic terror groups are clever. They learn about their enemies and work hard to infiltrate the governments, law enforcement, military, education, and other organizations within the enemy territory. Their goal is the destruction of infidels, and as such, they will do anything necessary to facilitate their ultimate success.

One of the more disturbing tactics of these offenders is the use of and assaults on non-Muslims. In fact, attacks against churches and clergy are rather common now. In Pakistan, Father George Ibrahim was murdered by Muslim gunmen after they broke into his home in Ranala Kot (July 2003). In Iraq, Assyrian nun Sister Cecilia Moshi Hanna, was killed in the Monastery when three Muslim men slipped in and stabbed the 71-year-old nun. After slitting her throat, they cut her head off (AINA, 2002). Likewise, Muslim gunmen stormed a Hindu temple in 2002 and killed 30 devotees (HinduUnity, 2002). In Australian asylum detention centers, Islamists are stoning, assaulting and sexually harassing Christians, Hindus, and Tamils (POB, 2002). In 2007, twenty- three Christian South Korean human aid volunteers went to Afghanistan and were abducted by Muslim radicals. The male and female hostages were beaten for refusing to convert to Islam, and two females reported that they were raped over and over again. In Pakistan, Muslim men kidnapped Christian children, made them convert to Islam, and then forced them to marry Muslim men (AsiaNews, 2007). In September 2007, violent Islamists attacked a Protestant church in Indonesia during Sunday service.

And it gets worse.

In what was perhaps the nastiest attack against another religion, a Muslim slave owner crucified a seven-year-old Christian boy. Damare Garang had been captured when his Sudanese village was raided by Muslims in 2002. He was sold to an Islamic family in Tuobon, Bahr el Gazel. When his Muslim master caught the young African boy sneaking off to attend church, the Islamist retrieved a board and rusty spikes and proceeded to nail the boy to the Christian symbol (York, 2007). Modern crucifixion seems to be gaining favor with Muslims as Dutch lawmaker Joel Voordewind has pointed out. In Iraq, terrorists are nailing Christians to crosses and binding them with ropes set on fire (Voordewind, 2007).

These acts are horrific and completely unacceptable, but terror groups are doing something equally as sinister and widely unreported. As they constantly seek new ways to avoid detection, they have smartly decided that infiltration holds the best prospect for success. Therefore, radical Islamists have taken to changing the fa

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