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Pope Awards Assyrian for Services to Assyrian Community, Catholic Church
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Erbil, Iraq -- Pope Benedict XVI, the Holy See, has honoured Sarkis Aghajan by naming him a Knight Commander of the order of Saint Gregory the Great. Mr Aghajan was awarded the title, which is one of the highest and most widely recognized pontifical orders, for his contribution to the Assyrian community and his work for the Catholic church. Pope Benedict XVI bestowed him with the distinction through His Holiness Mar Emmanuel the 3rd Delli, his representative in Iraq, and Thomas Haleem, the Vatican's Ambassador to Iraq.

His Holiness Mar Emmanuel the 3rd Delli said to Mr Aghajan, "your name is engraved in all our hearts, and especially in the hearts of the Christian community. Future generations will remember your name and your generosity. Your work will be remembered and recognized in our books, in our places of worship and our associations."

Pope Benedict XVI said in his message: "

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