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Assyrian University Students Beaten By Iraqi Police
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Mosul, Iraq -- On the 14th of June at approximately 11:30 a.m. Iraqi Policemen approached a group of Assyrian Christian students leaving the University of Mosul after completing their final exams and, at the order of the police group leader, started a severely beating and harassing the students.

In addition to the physical and verbal abuse, the police held the students down and shaved their heads as a form of public embarrassment and forced them to walk down the street to further display their 'shame' to the public.

The victims are natives of the Nineveh Plain town of Qaraqosh (Bakhdeda) and were waiting for their bus to take them back from the troubled city of Mosul to the relatively safe yet vulnerable Assyrian Christian area known as the Nineveh Plain.

The University of Mosul branch of the ChaldoAssyrian Student Union released a public condemnation of this heinous act committed by none other than the government body that they entrust to maintain law and order, namely, the police.

ChaldoAssyrian Student Union, Nineveh Branch

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