Assyrians Worldwide Protest Lockout of Assyrian Voters in Iraq
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(AINA) -- Assyrians through out the world are set to launch protests against the intentional lockout of Assyrian voters in North Iraq.

AINA reported that on the day of the Iraqi elections voting boxes and supplies were not delivered to the predominantly Christian districts of Baghdeda, Bartilla, Karamlesh, Shekhan, Ain Sifne and Rimady, which have a population of 300,000 ChaldoAssyrians.

On February 1st, two days after the election, 150,000 Assyrians gathered in al-Hamadaniya, Karmelis, Bartila, al-Ayadiya and the surrounding villages to protest their exclusion from voting in the election on Sunday.


The Council for Assyrian Research and Development, The Assyrian Society of Canada and The Assyrian Voice Network will be holding a public walk-out and protest on behalf of the ChaldoAssyrian, Shebak and Yezidi communities in front of the United States Consulate. The protest will take place on Saturday February 5th from 1-3 PM at 360 University Avenue.

23,000 Assyrians live in Canada.


The Assyrian Society of the United Kingdom will hold a demonstration on Sunday, 6th February 2005, at 3pm outside 10 Downing Street to protest the massive voter lockout of Assyrians in the Iraqi elections, in the district of Nineveh, North Iraq.

8,000 Assyrians live in England.


A group representing Assyrian political parties and social institutions, including the Assyrian Democratic Movement, the Assyrian Democratic Organization, local and regional Assyrian federations and church councils, visited the Iraqi embassy in Stockholm to convey the grievances of the Assyrian community. In Addition, two members of the Swedish parliament, Cecilia Wikström and Yilmaz Kerimo, have formally brought the issue to the attention of the Swedish government.

130,000 Assyrians live in Sweden.

United States

Demonstrations are being organized in Chicago (90,000 Assyrians), Detroit (100,000) and San Jose (30,000).

400,000 Assyrians live in the United States.

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