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Early Election Results Bad News for ChaldoAssyrians
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With an estimated 10% of the votes counted so far in the Iraq election, the Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani backed United Iraqi Alliance is doing as well as expected. The Problem for the ChaldoAssyrian community is that the Sistani backed list is also on top in most expatriate countries as well.

The United Iraqi Alliance is at the top of the polls in the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Iran, Jordan and the United states. The main Kurdish list tops the polls in Britain and France while Prime Minister Allawi's list is winning in Syria.

Michigan is a good example of what may have gone wrong for ChaldoAssyrians. It had been estimated that 150,000 of Michigan's residents were of Iraqi heritage. But according to the Detroit Free Press, the U.S. Census puts Iraqis at 11,000 and Chaldeans, Assyrians, or Syriacs at another 35,000.

If the leaked Detroit numbers we reported earlier turn out to be true, the United Iraqi Alliance Shiite list #169 ends up beating both Assyrian lists #204 and #139 combined.

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