Assyrian Town Mortared
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North Iraq (AINA) -- On the eve of Septermber 10th, following the celebrations of Holy Cross day (Aida D'Sliwa), at approximately 11:30 P.M. a mortar attack was launched on the inhabitants of the Assyrian town of Bakhdeda, in the Qaraqosh, Hamdaniya District. Three of the many mortars fell on roofs of homes where several Assyrians were injured during their sleep. An accurate count has yet to be made, but it has been confirmed that a 13 year old child, Mark Louis Sheeto, was killed and his mother, Bushra Toma Sheeto, and his 8 year old brother Bihnam Sheeto sustained serious injuries.

This attack seems to be part of a string of attacks planned to drive the native Assyrians out of their homeland. Bakhdeda (the name was changed to Hamdaniya by the Saddam Regime as part of the Arabization process) was felt to be a prime target as it houses over 30,000 Assyrians and is at the heartland of the Assyrian region.

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