Iraqi Church Bombers: 'Christians Are Grandchildren of Monkeys and Swines'
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(AINA) -- The Islamic terrorists responsible for bombing five Iraqi churches issued a statement in Arabic on an Islamic website. The following is a full translation of that statement.

A declaration from the Committee of Planning and Follow Up in Iraq

In the name of God the most merciful,

Thanks be to God the supporter of his faithful, prayers and peace be upon him who was sent with the sword at these times as a mercy for human beings. He who believes in him and upholds his methods will gain paradise and he who denies him and sways away from his methods will lost forever.

O! Muslims wherever you live...

The war today in Iraq and Afghanistan is un doubtedly something that two Muslims wouldn't argue about, that it's a hateful Crusades war targetting Islam and Muslims and that the United States and its allies1 didn't ever delay or spare an effort to fight God's religion with all the power that they have and with the blessing of the (Pope) before whom the leaders of America2 stand like slaves.

O! Believers in one God...

America didn't only occupy and invade militarily the Islamic lands but they also founded hundreds of Christianizing [Tanseer3] establishments, printing false deviated books and distributing them amongst the Muslims in an effort to strip them away of their religion and Christianize them. The Crusaders are one nation even if they differed in their ideas.

The American forces and their intelligence systems have found a safe haven and refuge amongst their brethren the grandchildren [Iraqi Christians] of monkeys and swines4 in Iraq.

The graceful God has enabled us on Sunday, August 01, 2004 to aim several painful blows at their dens, the dens of wickedness, corruption and Christianizing. Your striving brethren were able to blow up four cars aimed at the Churches in Karrada, Baghdad Jadida (New Baghdad) and Dora while another group of Moujahedeen5 hit the Churches in Mosul.

As we announce our responsibility for the bombings we tell you, the people of the Crosses: "Return to your senses and be aware that God's soldiers are ready for you. You have wanted a Crusade and these are its results. God is great and glory be to God and his messenger. He who has warned is excused".

Prayers and peace be upon our prophet Muhammad, his kin and companions6.

The committe of planning and follow up in Iraq
14/Jamadi I/14257 -- August 01, 2004
International Islamic Information Centre.


1 In the Arabic version the word is "tails" instead of allies which connotes subservience and humiliation.
2 America: Arabs refere to the United States as America.
3 Tanseer: A word used by muslims to denote Christianizing.
4 Quran: Soura Al Ma'idah 5 verse 60 .
5 Moujahedeen: An arabic word describing Muslim men who fight a "holy" war.
6 Companions: The first four Caliphs who succeeded Muhammad following his death.
7 One of the twelve months of the islamic calendar.

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