CNN Under-Estimates Iraqi Assyrian Population
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(AINA) -- In a television report aired by CNN on 6-19-2004, Christiana Amanpour reported that the Iraqi Christian population is 3%, or 700,000. This figure is a gross under-estimate. The overwhleming majority of Iraqi Christians -- 98% -- are Assyrians (also known as Chaldeans or Syriacs), and their population is 1.5 to 2 million, 8-10% of Iraq's total population. The previous government's figures on the Assyrian population are suspect, especially in light of the fact that the census officials would coerce the Assyrians into identifying themselves as "Arabs" rather than Assyrians. Most Assyrians refused to identify themselves as such, and their numbers were not reported or deliberately misclassified as "Arabs" despite Assyrian objections. The worldwide Assyrian population is shown below.

Iraq 1,500,000 France 20,000
Syria 700,000 Belgium 15,000
USA 400,000 Georgia 15,000
Sweden 120,000 Armenia 15,000
Lebanon 100,000 Switzerland 10,000
Brazil 80,000 Denmark 10,000
Germany 70,000 Greece 8,000
Russia 70,000 England 8,000
Iran 50,000 Austria 7,000
Jordan 44,000 Italy 3,000
Australia 30,000 New Zealand 3,000
Turkey 24,000 Mexico 2,000
Canada 23,000 Other 100,000
Holland 20,000
Total 3,447,000

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