British Topographic Maps, 1910

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The British Topographic Maps were made in 1910, and are a valuable source of information about Assyrian villages just prior to the Turkish Genocide and expatriation of the Assyrians from their homelands in World War One.

Because these maps are highly detailed, they are very large and cannot be shown in full; they are, therefore, shown in quadrants of 10' or 15' (minutes of arc).

Click below to see very small previews of the full maps.

Quadrants 1-18 Quadrants 37-44 Quadrants 53-60
Quadrants 19-36 Quadrants 45-52 Quadrants 61-68
Quadrants 69-86
Quadrants 87-104

The full maps are available from AINA in printed and electronic form for a small fee. Contact AINA.

Points of Interest

Point Quadrant
Hakkary 43, 44
Gawar Plane 57, 58
Tergawar 60
Deir Marbishu 59
Gangachin 55
Zakho 35
Peshkhabur 33
Barwar 49, 50
Amadia 51
Upper and Lower Tyari, Tkhuma 46, 47
Jilu, Baz and Tkhuma 48
Ishtazin 61
Noohadra (Dohuk) 69
Rabban Hormiz 75
Aqra 80
Nineveh and Khorsabad 88
Tel Kepe 87
Mosul 87, 93
Ankawa 98
Nimrod 101
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