Hatred is a Disease of Humanity
By Joanie Schirm
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In reading the August 26, 2014 article titled Chaldean Patriarch Appeals to 'Conscience of the World' by Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako, I am reminded that the stories of displaced persons in our world never fade. In fact, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in their 2013 Global Trends Report found the number of displaced persons is now the highest it has been since WWII -- exceeding 50 million people and growing rapidly.

The past reminds us of the immense costs to humanity of not ending hatred and war. Hatred is not a disease of individual countries but a disease of humanity. The article provides a reminder to all people to become guardians of human rights and dignity. My beloved father survived Nazi atrocities, while forty-four of his Czech relatives did not. My Czech father rebuilt and extraordinary life on the ruins of his old one brought about my Nazi oppression. He and my Christian mother taught we kids, now adults, that humanity is one. Hatred should have no place in this world.

Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.

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