No Peaceful Co-existence With Islam
By Patrick
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I have downloaded and read the relevant books that I found on your website.

In the past, I had heard of your plight, but only because of the fact that I had parents and great parents that did not believe in history that is falsified.

Non of this is discussed in our schools!

More and more we have to deal with a load of Orwellian "New speak" regarding ever increasing numbers of muslim immigrants.

People here are both scared and apathetic.

I have been studying Islam, for a while now, and I come to the conclusion, that a peaceful coexistence with a self declared Muslim, is impossible. Not because of western or even Christian intolerance, but by the very nature of Islam itself.

I also find it a misnomer, to call it a religion, as it has no comparison, with any of the "real" religions. To me as an atheist, it is just a sect, that has chosen intolerance as its main feature. Its followers being, people who "worship" a prophet, that was basically a thieving, pillaging, raping, child molester, who had, not only delusions of adequacy, but probably had sever temporal lobe troubles.

He also seemed to have had to very nasty habit of changing his own rules, on the fly, whenever he had the urge to break them.

Those who claim that Islam is "a religion of peace" are ignorant, or worse are lying.

I can't even begin to imagine what you and yours have endured.

But if things keep going the way they are, we will very soon join you in the ranks of scraped civilizations, by the cancer of Islam, and by the sad treason of our own ruling classes.

The betrayal of those that claim to lead us, is of such a magnitude, that it can hardly be imagined by those who have studied the problem let along by the masses, who are held down, by moral decay and instant gratification.

I have spoken with some of the catholic priests, over here, and asked them, why nothing about your struggle is said in church.

I have asked them, why on a regular basis, they keep preaching about coexisting with our Muslim "brethren", while your struggle is what it is.

Will it surprise you, that no answer was forthcoming?

The Western civilization has passed the crossroads of time, and chosen the wrong turn, and I seriously wonder, if there is even a way back.

We keep getting the same re-chewed message of peaceful coexistence, and tolerance and what have you, but how is any of this possible, when you are not even morally on the same planet, let along wavelength!

In 50 years time, the majority of the EU population will be Muslim if this madness goes on.

My grandchildren, will be dhimmi's...

Not a happy prospect

I know, that there are some of your people in this country (Flanders, Belgians) and they need to spread the word. They have to make use of the fact that they are refugees. (This gives you almost a aura of sainthood in this place!) They need to contact the education ministers, and insist that the message is told in the schools, preferably by your own people.

And it should be done in a way, that leaves nothing to the imagination (especially about the "peaceful nature" of Islam )

If I can help, I will, but nobody seems to listen to the indigenous people, especially if they don't subscribe to the Orwellian new order.

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