A Radical Approach is Needed to Solve the Middle East Crisis
By Jon Dolen
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A new radical approach is needed to solve the Middle East crisis that differs from the two state solution approach the Quartet has been striving for and which always fails. Peace in the Middle East will not happen until we have a resolution solving the Israeli/Palestinian dispute and resolve the internal problems in Lebanon.

For peace to take place, the three major religions of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity that hold Jerusalem to be a holy city need to be involved in the peace process solution. The areas of Israel, West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, and Lebanon should be incorporated into one entity known as the United Nations of Jerusalem (UNJ). The UNJ will consist of three nations; the Nation of Israel (Jewish government), the Nation of Palestine (Islamic government), and the Nation of Lebanon (Christian government).

The United Nations of Jerusalem will be one territory where all Jews, Muslims, and Christians have the right to live anywhere. This will address the concerns of the Palestinian people regarding their right to return to the homeland from which they were exiled and will give the Jews territories of their ancestral homeland (like Hebron). Also, the internal strife in Lebanon needs to be addressed for peace to be complete in this conflict.

The UNJ will be one geographic territory occupied by three nations, where the city of Jerusalem will be the capital of all three. For any law to pass, a minimum of two the three nations (religious governments) need to approve the legislation. The security of the UNJ shall be secured by a peace treaty with the European Union of Nations and the United States. The Israeli security forces will withdraw to the 1967 border to ensure its own security while UNJ forces (Jews, Muslims, and Christians) and international forces establish the rule of law in Lebanon, West Bank, Golan, and Gaza.

Integration of the UNJ forces into Israel will happen once the rule of law is established and militant militias are disarmed. Many innocent people are suffering and dying over a conflict that can be settled. Christian minorities throughout the Middle East (such as Assyrians, Copts, and other Arab Christians) and Lebanese who have fled Lebanon since (1975) the start of the Lebanese Civil War (estimated at 70% Christian and 30% Muslim) should be allowed to emigrate to the UNJ. Let everyone pray for peace in the Middle East.

Green Valley, IL USA.

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