Save the Children
By Fr. Joel Marable, M.S.
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The situation in the Middle East is grave, and I thought if the leaders of each faction could bring young children together to play and be with each other, regardless of their background, they would have a wonderful time. They would laugh and play, and two year old children would most likely stick their fingers in another childs mouth, be it Moslem, Christian or Jew, because they are children. I can only assume that each parent loves their child, regardless of the background. On the news I have seen the pain and heard the voices of parents screaming and crying at the death of a loved one. As human beings we have the ability to come together, but for whatever reason, they are allowing two thousand years to blind them, and not realize that this is 2006, not 1406, or 1506, or even 1906. We can do better, we can learn to accept each other as being our neighbor. Can we pray to accept our children and to love them, as children know how to love and care for each other.

My prayers are with you and by the grace of God, all people will learn to accept the smiles of children and watch them grow up to change the world for the better.

Sincerely in Christ.

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