Why Assyrians Have No Homeland
By Shawn M.
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I always think about why our nation never had a chance to hold on to their homeland! I guess it was a combination of the onslaught of the Muslims pushing us out of our homes, foreign politics, and us not being a united people. Our problem, I mean Assyrians, is that we like to keep branching out instead of trying to unite. And we love to sell out our leaders and whomever it is that wants to do something good for the Assyrians, and in the process he/she either gets killed or discouraged and they give up.

I think our generation has to change all that. It is up to people like you and me and everyone else to say enough of that non-sense. It is time for a change! It seems that in this world we have no friends! No matter if they are Muslim nations or Christian nations, it seems everyone wants to see our nation to disappear from the surface of this world. I think what it is really is a combination of jealousy of our great history because we are the only nation that can truly say everything started from us, and of course the oil in Middle East and all these European countries being more interested in that rather than saving a nation, our nation!!!

That is why we have to unite and do everything we can to fight this injustice. It is the Holiday Season so lets stop talking about all this for now and get into the spirit of celebrating Christ. What comes from him no-one else in this world can go against! Lord Jesus Christ has delivered his nation, the Assyrian nation, from the claws of evil for the past ten thousand years and he shall do so for the rest of eternity. Yes Israel was the tribe of god but we are the nation of god! Yes we have our short comings like most other people that have lived in this world throughout history, but we are the only nation that has defended his name with our blood to such an extent and I think he will never forget that. Keep praying for the Assyrians around the world. God bless.

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