Christians of the Middle East Have Been Betrayed Again!
By Lee Jay Walker
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Christians in Iraq did not always find it easy under Saddam Hussein and many persecutions took place within Iraq under his leadership. However, the Christians of Iraq still had a part to play within society and Christian women did not have to worry about which clothes to put on, and clerics did not have to worry about being murdered by Islamists.

However, after September 11th the USA adopted a different policy, so they claimed, and they would now target terrorism. However, the majority of people who did September 11th were Saudi nationals, and radical Islam was being spread from this nation and Iran and Pakistan respectively.

Yet, just like Camp David in which America looked after Israel in order to foster closer ties with Egypt, the Coptic Christians also did not count for it was Sadat who introduced anti-Christian laws. And just like the First Gulf War in which America betrayed Christians, in order that Syria would join in the coalition alliance, it was Christians via the Lebanese Forces who were "lambs to the slaughter." And of course the media remained silent when Syrian forces took control of Lebanon.

It would appear that Christians count for little, after all America and the UK will not even admit to the Armenian and Assyrian genocide of 1915 and the other countless massacres that took place. You see, it is better to deny history and have good relations with Turkey, than to admit to massive Christian persecution and genocide.

But getting back to now, what hope does the Christian community have in Iraq? Does anyone really care outside of certain circles? It would appear not! Because the Kurds are apparently being given power to dictate to Assyrians and other minorities in northern Iraq and in the capital the Christians have to fend for themselves. Therefore, it would appear that they have little hope.

How ironic it is that both Afghanistan under Najibullah and Iraq under Saddam Hussein were ruled by secular law; however, after American intervention both nation states adopted Islamic Sharia Law, is this really a coincidence?

It is just like the three wars in the Balkans in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Cyprus respectively; for America supported Muslims every time, irrespective if they were the "underdog" or not. The same conclusion happened every time. And lets not kid ourselves that these are the only times that Christians have been abandoned, because when Timorese Christians were being slaughtered in Indonesia, the British and Americans merely kept on supplying more weapons to Indonesia.

Therefore, it would appear that Assyrians are seeing the end of their homeland because they are fleeing every day. And even when they only ask for a safe haven they still get rebuked. Given everything, it would appear that being Christian accounts for nothing in the eyes of the superpowers, and they will not shed a tear for the destruction of Christianity in Iraq.

Tokyo, Japan.

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