Javascript Headline Feed Generator

It is very easy to show AINA headlines on your webpage, you just need to include a small piece of Javascript that gets the headlines from AINA. This page will help you generate a custom Javascript headline feeder. Just make your selections below and click Generate Script. You can see what your feed will look like at the bottom of the page. Once you are satisfied, copy the Javascript into your webpage and you will receive AINA headlines as they are published.

Predefined Scripts
Width in pixels; leave blank for none.
AINA banner font size: center
Banner color Foreground: Background: Color chart. Leave blank for none
Number of headlines
Headline text font size: bullets
Headline color Foreground 1: Background 1: Color chart. Leave blank for none
Foreground 2: Background 2: use alternating row colors 1 and 2
Headline date
click to generate your AINA headline feeder script
Javascript Copy the Javascript below and paste it into your html page to get AINA headline feeds

Headline Feed Preview

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