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Assyrian Woman Named People of Australia Ambassador
By Lauren McMah

Fairfield resident Carmen Lazar's work in helping migrants adjust to their new life in Australia has been rewarded with her appointment as a People of Australia ambassador.

Ms Lazar is among five people who live and work in Fairfield who were given the top honour by the Australian Multicultural Council last week.

As a community settlement officer with Fairfield's Assyrian Resource Centre, Ms Lazar helps people of all backgrounds settle in the community.

She said she sympathised with the unique challenges they faced.

"Often I see the same worried face that cries out 'help!'," she said.

"I understand that it is difficult starting afresh again, but something as small as offering a little assistance lets people know that it is not that daunting.

"Australia is home to so many migrants and it is so important that individuals are comfortable with their new home."

Ms Lazar is the former secretary and vice president of the Assyrian Australian Association, principal of the AAA Diqlat Assyrian Language School and is a proactive board member on the board of the Fairfield Migrant Interagency.

One of her ambassadorial duties will be to raise community concerns with the Australian Multicultural Council.

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