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Kurdistan Rights Commission Criticizes Seat Allocation
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The head of the Kurdistan Human Rights Independent Commission has criticized the Iraqi Federal Court's decision to allocate Community Seats in the Kurdistan Region Parliament to Sulaymaniyah province, given that the province doesn't have as many different minorities compared to Erbil and Duhok.

On Wednesday, Muna Yako, the head of the independent human rights commission in the Kurdistan Region, stated that the number of Christians in Sulaymaniyah is very small, yet a seat has been allocated for them, while no seat has been allocated for Christians in Duhok.

Yako told Arabic media that the decision of the Iraqi Election Commission was a 'surprise' and expressed her confusion over the Federal Court decision.

"There is confusion in the interpretation of the provisions of the constitution, and the decisions are contrary to the texts," said Yako.

She explained that the reduction of community seats from 11 to 5 was 'temperamental.' However, she questioned Iraqi authorities, asking 'why it was reduced. Why was it reduced to five seats?'

The Iraqi Election Commission (IEC) has decided to allocate five seats for the communities: two for Erbil, two for Sulaymaniyah, and one for Duhok.

According to media reports, Duhok, the largest position of Assyrian and Chaldean Christians, has not been allocated any seats. "The number of Christians in Sulaymaniyah is much lower, yet seats have been reserved for Chaldeans and Assyrians," added Yako.

The head of the Human Rights Commission did not hide her frustrations and acknowledged that the return of seats was considered the interests of a particular political party, stating that 'otherwise, the decision is a blow to the interests of the communities.'

On Tuesday, the Election Judicial Board (IEB) ordered Iraq's Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) to allocate five seats in the Kurdistan Region's parliament to various communities. Later on the same day, the Iraqi Federal Court passed the decision and declared it final.

According to the new rulings, five seats have been allocated to different communities in the Kurdistan Region: two seats for Erbil, two seats for Sulaimaniyah, and one seat for Duhok province. This includes one seat each for Turkmen and Christians in Sulaymaniyah, one seat each for Turkmen and Christians in Erbil, and one seat for Armenians in Duhok.

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