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Iraq Condemns Turkey's Attacks in Afrin, Syria

The Iraqi government condemned Turkey"s attacks in the Syrian canton of Afrin, although it maintains relations with Ankara, it was reported here today.

According to Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, his country condemns that military intervention, but it will not sever ties with Turkey.

'We reject any foreign interference in the internal affairs of others,' Jaafari told a news channel.

On January 20, Turkey carried out a military operation in Afrin, in northeastern Syria, which is under Syrian Kurdish control. Damascus described that action as a violation of its sovereignty and international law.

The Turkish attacks killed at least 70 civilians, including 21 children and 12 women, according to humanitarian organizations.

Meanwhile, officials in Afrin reported that some 130 civilians were killed and 168 were injured as a result of Turkey's military operations.

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