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ISIS Bombing in East Syria Leaves Nearly 100 US-backed Fighters Killed, Wounded
By Andrew Illingworth

The Islamic State terrorist group has carried out a huge suicide bombing in eastern Syria against US-backed forces, killing and wounding nearly one hundred pro-Coalition fighters according to its own accounts. The attack was delivered by a German jihadist within the faction's ranks.

On late Sunday afternoon, the ISIS media released a statement claiming that forces of the terrorist group had carried out a powerful suicide bombing attack against US-led militias at the village of al-Bahra in the east Syrian province of Deir Ezzor.

According to ISIS, the attack resulted in the death of twenty US-backed fighters and the wounding of 50 more. No clarification was given as to whether the bomb was delivered on person or via car, however, given the scale of the reported attack, it was most likely the latter.

Furthermore, the statement by ISIS also claims that the attack was carried out by a German jihadist.

Since pro-Coalition and pro-Kurdish sources never state losses endured by the US-led anti-ISIS coalition, it is impossible to corroborate the claim made by ISIS.

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