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US, UK Reiterate Support for Syrian Opposition

(AP) -- U.S. and British officials have expressed support for the Syrian opposition ahead of peace talks in Geneva.

Alastair Burt, the British minister of state for the Middle East, said after meeting the Syrian opposition delegation chief Nasr Hariri that Geneva talks need "to lead toward the inclusive political transition necessary to end this conflict."

Burt welcomed the opposition's achievement at a meeting last week in Saudi Arabia to further unify and broaden its membership.

Hariri also met on Tuesday with U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State David Satterfield who expressed U.S. support for a credible political transition process under U.N. auspices, making clear that any process outside of Geneva had no legitimacy.

In reference to the government team's expected late arrival in Geneva, Hariri said that the "regime was once again undermining the negotiations with its refusal to join the start of the talks."

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