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7 Executed in Iraq for Not Sending Their Children to ISIS Schools
By Arkadev Ghoshal

The Islamic State group is said to have recently executed seven people in its Iraqi stronghold of Mosul, after they apparently refused to send their children to schools run by the extremist group. In another incident, a man was stoned to death by militants belonging to the group on charges of adultery in the Deir Ezzor province.

These fresh executions come just days after the Islamic State group, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Isis) or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) killed six people in Iraq by boiling them alive in tar. They had been charged with collaborating with a group that was looking to free the Nineveh province from Isis. Around the same time, Isis militants also executed a man in Syria after he was caught wearing women's clothes.

Iraqi News reported on Wednesday that the seven people executed in Mosul had been killed in an Isis camp. "This morning, Isis executed seven citizens in the centre [of] Mosul city after they refused to send their children to schools run by the organisation," it quoted sources as saying on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (SOHR) on Thursday reported that Isis members had stoned to death a man in the Deir Ezzor province on charges of adultery. The SOHR said it had been informed by its sources that the execution took place in the al-Kharita town. The man had been charged with "adultery with married person."

The latest executions in Iraq and Syria come in the backdrop of Isis increasingly losing ground. In Syria, it was recently driven out of Manbij city, but took with it 2,000 people to use as "human shields" on their journey towards Aleppo city. They reportedly freed many of these people later.

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